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Paid veterans 'benefits seminars' may be misleading
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Veterans’ Services Director Tommy Clack warned the public to watch out for "counselors" that offer to teach veterans and widows how to go about obtaining veterans’ benefits for a fee, especially at assisted living facilities and care centers.

"Nobody should be paying a fee to get veteran’s assistance," said Clack. "That’s what we do. We maximize whatever we can to get the (veteran or widow’s) claim granted," he said, and they do it for free.

The seminars often give basic information that is already in the public domain, offer no help afterwards and then refer attendees to Veterans’ Services offices anyway, said Clack.

"I’m concerned, based on what I’ve heard from veterans and children of elderly citizens that there seems to be a direct sell for the participants to put money into an annuity that the teachers are going to provide. That’s what concerns me the most."

The Veterans’ Services office located at the J.P. Carr Center serves seven counties and can be contacted at 770-388-5075.