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Our thoughts: Use caution
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For many of us, fireworks are an integral part of our Fourth of July festivities. But we urge you to be cautious and responsible in their use. For any backyard displays or sparklers, please make sure your children are supervised.

You also need to have a water hose at hand to put out any sparks that might ignite the dry grass or leaves in your yard, and put pets out of harm's way. Also, keep you cell phone in your pocket so you can call 911 if there is an emergency.

Enjoy the sparklers, party poppers and fountains that are permitted under Georgia law.

Aerial or explosive devices are banned. If you are caught with one of the banned items, you could go to jail for one year and be fined $1,000.

Never, ever, shoot firearms into the air. Those bullets don't just disappear; they come down somewhere and you could kill someone.

Please enjoy yourself this Fourth of July, but please take the precautions necessary not to maim yourself or put you or your loved ones in danger.