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Our thoughts: Summer heat
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A toddler recently died after being left in a daycare van in the Jonesboro area. The daycare director and two workers were arrested in connection with the death.

It is a tragedy all around, one that is all-too-common, especially this time of year.

Too many people are asking for trouble: We have seen on numerous occasions recently people leaving their young children and pets in cars as they run into a convenience store. In these cases the car was left running so the air conditioner was on, we presume.

But this practice is dangerous in itself as your running car could be stolen or jump out of gear.

It only takes a few minutes to unbuckle your child to take them in with you, no matter where you go.

Even a little while in a heated car could cause permanent damage to a young child.

Protect your pet, too. Keep them home when it's hot.

If you're a parent or caretaker, the good Lord has entrusted you with loving care of his most precious gifts, children.

This summer, stay alert and protect that great gift that's in your care.