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Our thoughts: Stop the outsourcing
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Back in the 70s, a campaign was started that encouraged people to shop American. At that time a great deal of our products were being made in Japan, and today it seems that campaign must have worked, because we no longer buy a majority of goods from Japan. That should be good, right?

Wrong. Now we buy a great majority of our goods from China.

We challenge you, right now, to buy anything in this country that doesn't have the "Made in China" imprint on it. There isn't much out there, is there?

The other day the CEO of Coca-Cola actually said it was easier to do business in China.

If that is the case, what happened to the great American entrepreneurial spirit that carried this nation into the forefront of leadership in the world?

We believe that hundreds of thousands of proud Americans who helped found this country and who have now passed would be rolling in their graves if they saw what we've allowed to happen. These people made our country great, fought to keep it safe, toiled to make it powerful. We cheapen their memories by allowing our resources and brain power to be outsourced to other countries, just to save a buck.

Today we have young people and a scattering of old socialist hippies occupying parcels of land crying out against God knows what. We suggest that these groups get a real focus and protest the government who is willing to send our very soul overseas to produce goods for us.

We ask you to support our local merchants, especially those that produce and sell products "Made in America."

Over 235 years ago we gained our independence from an oppressive government; we have to fight equally hard to gain our freedom from the use of oppressive foreign products and investment.