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Our thoughts: Stadium
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The fact that many people in the state of Georgia are still suffering from the effects of the Great Recession does not seem to affect Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, in his attempt to build a new $1 billion retractable roof stadium for his team with the assistance of tax funds provided by the citizens of Georgia.

It makes no difference to Blank that the current Georgia Dome is more than adequate for the Falcons' use.

If Blank wants a new stadium, he should build it through his own funds and use his own investors to do so.

He can then recoup his expenses by raising prices even more than they are now.

In a report the Atlanta Journal Constitution published this past week, there is apparently a little-known legislative committee tasked with overseeing the state authority, which is poised to ask legislators to boost its borrowing limit for Blank's vision. These individuals are treated like royalty by Blank and the Georgia World Congress Center.

These legislators accept perks like prime box seats for events at the dome; they also receive tickets, food and drink to attend in luxury Falcon games of their choice.

Included in this group is House Speaker David Ralston, Senate Rules Chairman Don Balfour, who appears to have a preference for Wrestlemania, and Representative Billy Mitchell.

As far as we are concerned, this is a great example of the foxes guarding the chicken coup. Unfortunately, we are in the chicken coup.

The time has come for the owners of professional sports to pay their own way for projects like this. The return of using hard earned tax money, especially for our community to supplement owners like Arthur Blanks dreams, is nil.

There has been talk of curtailing lobbyist's gifts to our elected officials.

However, when you have such notables as the elected group mentioned above in control, don't count on a reform soon.

It would be nice to have our own elected state officials to have the courage speak out against the use of tax money to build this stadium.