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Our Thoughts: Save your tears
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We hear every day via the major news networks that the shutdown of the government is causing major harm to our country, especially to the poor federal government employees who have been laid off for the time being.

On the surface, it’s sad to see so many people without paychecks and unable to work. In fact, we’ve had to use our hankies every day that sad news has been uttered.

The truth is that we need not cry for these federal employees.

First, according to news reports, around 85 percent of the government IS operating, which means only 15 percent of its staff has been furloughed. Second, Congress passed a bill, signed by the president, that guarantees that federal workers will receive their back pay (which certainly makes us wonder why all furloughed federal workers are not back on duty). And third, furloughed federal employees can apply for unemployment benefits.

We would like to know where else you can get a job that will pay you to stay home and allow you to pick up some extra cash from the taxpayers (unemployment benefits) to boot.

Does something smell very bad to you?

It sure does to us.