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Our thoughts... Raising taxes
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Last week the Rockdale BOC voted to raise the millage rate for the residents of the county. The vote was 2-1, with Commissioner JaNice Van Ness voting no.

She said she cast her vote because of frustration with the process and general opposition to tax increases.

We agree with her logic.

This whole process has been laughable. That home values would fall should also not have been a surprise. That there would be a tax digest and budget shortfall should not have been news to anyone. Opportunities to make cuts earlier this year and even last year were squandered as grandstanding, charades and backroom maneuvering by all three commissioners ate up valuable time.

And now, to raise tax rates in these dark economic times shows a complete lack of concern for the tax payers of the county, many of whom are also operating on a tightened home budget.

We urge the BOC to start planning now and reduce expenses so that we don’t have to face another tax rate increase at this time next year.

We need our commissioners to stop thinking like politicians looking towards the next election and thinking like people who are elected to look out for the best needs of the majority of tax payers in Rockdale County.