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Our thoughts: Raise
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The Rockdale County Board of commissioners made a wise decision last week; they tabled an item that would have raised the Neighborhood Stabilization Program Director's salary by $16,000 to $68,000.

The next step should be drop the proposal all together.

We have no bone to pick with the director Ms. Tanesha Lanier; by all reports she has done an excellent job and she may very well worth every penny of that much increase. But as we have stated many times before in this space, our elected officials were entrusted by the voters to run our county as efficiently as possible, like a business, and raising any manager's salary by that amount in today's economy is absurd. We doubt that any one of the commissioners constituents' that has a business in Rockdale County can raise one of their managers in such a manner, and we further doubt that the same business owner can even pay an increase of such a magnitude to themselves.

We look forward to the time when we can again pay good people their true worth, but now is not that time.