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Our thoughts: Public Affairs hire
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Rockdale county officials have narrowed their choice for a public affairs director down to two.

Both of the finalists, so far as we can see, would do a good job if appointed.

That said, we have two major concerns. As we have stated before, we don't see a need to fill this position at this time given the financial constraints in the county.

Our second concern also deals with money. If we have to have this position filled, can we not start someone that is brand new at say $35,000 instead of $77,000 with full county benefits?

We see no reason why the leaders of County government should not be held to the same standards for managing budgets as a manager of a private company.

We do not have to pay management the same way we always have; we need to pay for what the job is worth in the real world of today's economy.

Our elected officials should remember that they need to operate in the real world and not a tax-payer funded bubble.