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Our Thoughts: Non-profit registry
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The Rockdale County commissioners recently passed an ordinance that required all non-profits to register with the county and to pay a $10 fee to do so.

If that is not done, they can be fined up to $1,000 and or spend 60 days in jail.

The commissioners, who you would think would have more important things to worry about in their management of the county during these tough economic times, have created a monstrosity that will be almost impossible to enforce.

With the rising numbers of crimes, including the recent murders, we cannot see the Sheriff dispatching his forces to enforce this decision.

It would be a sight to see for instance if one of our civic clubs did not choose to register and the organizers end up in jail for 60 days for non-compliance.

We believe the majority of our non-profits in Rockdale do good, follow the rules and contribute to the community under trying circumstances; to punish these groups with more unnecessary government control because of the actions of a few that did not follow the rules just plain doesn’t make sense.

We deserve better out of our commissioners.