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Our thoughts... Meth
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If you have been chosen by the good Lord to be a parent in these times, you are a special person.

For those of us of the older generations and our parents it was a challenge for sure to raise our children and keep them safe. But it is nothing like what parents of children today have to deal with.

For most of us in the older generation and our parent’s generation, our major concern was whether our children were scoring alcohol to party or socialize with.

Today the number one problem as far as we are concerned is drugs, and the one of the worst of these drugs is meth. It’s a killer from the first time it’s used, it’s cheap to produce and cheaper to buy, and it gives a two hour high.

We watched a 50 minute program put out by National Geographic this week, called "The World’s Most Dangerous Drug."

We would strongly suggest that every parent or grandparent that reads this editorial watch this film, which can be ordered through NetFlix. We would suggest that every teacher order this through his school and show it. After you get it, we urge you to sit down with your whole family and watch it.

We will warn you in advance that it will scare you and shock you.

We hope it does the same for your child.