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Our Thoughts... Local Rockies

If you are like most of us and find your pocketbook pinched in this tough economic climate but would like to travel, we have a great suggestion for you.

If you haven’t noticed, thanks to our federal government, you and your family can enjoy the view and excitement of seeing the great Rocky Mountains – right here in Rockdale County.

At the intersection of Highway 138 and Interstate 20 there is now a magnificent display of what you might see if you took that trip yourself.

We suggest that you make up a picnic, bring the lawn chairs and spread your blanket on the bluff off the Access Road in front of the Cracker Barrel restaurant and take in the great view.

While you are enjoying this, you can thank the federal government it only cost $500,000 of your tax money.

You would think that that $500,000 could have been better used at making that main entrance to our county easier to use, or helping to alleviate some of the traffic build up at that intersection.

So enjoy our new tourist attraction, but please don’t litter.