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Our Thoughts: Lack of Leadership
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This week the President, the Commander in Chief of our military, addressed the graduating class at West Point. His speech was filled with his usual silver-tonged rhetoric and empty promises and a genuine display of non-concern for the future leaders of our military. He said nothing about protecting them after their service as if there was no problem with the Veterans Administration; he pushed instead his philosophy on global warming. His speech was met with tepid applause by our future military leaders.
This president has, for all practical purposes, in our opinion, destroyed one of the finest health systems in the world; he has also diminished in six years our leadership presence in the world. He and his administration have caused people to doubt the principles that established this nation. We can't even imagine any president in our lifetime, including Jimmy Carter, allowing so many scandals to fester in dealing with issues such as the VA, Benghazi, and IRS by telling the American people that he only found out about the seriousness of the deceptions by hearing about them in the media.
What we need in a president is one who believes in the principal that President Teddy Roosevelt believed - "Walk softly, but carry a big stick" - on dealing with all issues affecting our country. What we need in the person that is our leader is a person of character and honesty. Unfortunately for all of us that is what this president sorely lacks.