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Our Thoughts: Kudos to public safety
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Our hats go off to the hard working men and women of the Conyers Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Gene Wilson, whose quick thinking and action lead to catching the suspects in the GameStop shooting and last weekend’s house party shooting. With limited resources and under extreme pressure they’ve been asked to handle a rising tide of major cases and have stepped up to the plate admirably.

Our hats also go off to the hard working Sheriff’s Office Deputies, under the leadership of Sheriff Jeff Wigington, who also put their lives on the line everyday and have a huge job covering most of the residents in the county and running the jail. They personally felt the impact of senseless violence when they lost one of their own, Deputy Brian Mahaffee, earlier this year as he was doing his duty taking a brutal rapist off the streets. Our hearts go out to his family and the law enforcement family.

But our biggest praise goes to the community in Conyers and Rockdale County – the home owners, parents, residents and everyday people that stood up this week and put their foot down and made it clear this kind of senseless violence and thoughtless behavior will not be tolerated.

On Thursday night the Rockdale Auditorium was packed with people from all backgrounds. Old, young, black, white, newcomers and old-time families all came out because they know this is a wonderful place to live and these recent headlines do not represent what normally happens here.

But this is only a first step. We cannot go home, satisfied at attending one meeting. We cannot go back to not paying attention and think the professionals will take care of the rest.

It’s up to us, to be better parents, to be better neighbors, and to be involved. Be nosy and ask what’s going on in our teenagers’ lives, and in our neighbor’s children’s lives. Sign up to become a mentor, or call 911 when you see something suspicious. Too many people are afraid of becoming involved in a situation. But if you live here, you are already involved.

The question is will you be involved in making things better or involved in letting fear and apathy take over?