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Our thoughts: In God We Trust
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The United States Congress this week took time from its apparently not-so-busy schedule to vote on a resolution to confirm that they still support our nation's motto, "In God we trust."

Really? With our economy in the tubes and protests occurring across the country, our Congress is taking the time away from important matters they should be working on to vote on our nation's motto?

Well, we have to play with the cards we're dealt. You would think this vote would be a unanimous "it's fine," but a handful of representatives voted no. Mostly they were from districts in California, but to our surprise and utter amazement, our own representative Hank Johnson Jr, whose district covers Rockdale and (soon) Newton counties, voted no on this resolution.

Old Hank is the same representative who brought us embarrassment a while back by telling the world that we should get our troops off of the tiny island of Guam, because having too many of them there might tip it over.

We don't believe that Congressman Johnson represents the beliefs or patriotism of the majority of his constituents in Rockdale and Newton counties. We are going to put our trust in God that a qualified candidate will run against him in the 2012 election and in doing so, send him into retirement.