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Our thoughts... Homeless
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We just completed a very informative series on the homeless and displaced families in Rockdale County. If you missed it, the series can be found online at

Do we have an epidemic of homeless here in Rockdale County? No.

But we do have homeless people in Rockdale, and they are not strangers, but often the faces in our schools, churches and neighborhoods. Living in a country that enjoys relative prosperity even in the roughest times and knowing that people are out in the streets without food or shelter is not acceptable.

Granted some people take advantage of the system of help that is out there and some choose to live on the streets and want no interference from anyone. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to help them.

We are fortunate here in Rockdale; we have a network of people and civic groups that do care about families that are facing hard times. These folks are the unsung heroes who think carefully about how best to help families and work quietly in the background to find a place for this evicted family or a ride to the doctor’s office for that mother or a place in a special program for this child. If you read the series, you will see who they are.

We owe those folks a debt of gratitude. It’s because of that perseverance and love of all of God’s people that makes our county the best place to live in Georgia.