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Our Thoughts: Happy Easter
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"Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime."
-Martin Luther

Tomorrow we celebrate Easter; sure it's a day that there will be plenty of chocolate candy in the house and decorated eggs in the yard.

Many houses will contain a lily for mom and the whole family will sit down for a special meal. And then the day is over and we go back to our routine lives.

Easter is much more than all of that; it symbolizes a love that was so strong that a father would give his only son in a sacrifice that would make all of our superficial celebrations possible.

Of course we don't need one day to be able to understand that through his death Jesus Christ opened a door that would allow us a chance to someday earn real happiness.

In the meantime he gave us a blueprint to run our lives and if we follow that blueprint the leaves will be greener, the oceans bluer and our love for each other will be truer.

We thank our God and our Lord today for loving us so much.
All of us here at the newspaper respect that times are still tough for many people and we urge you remember that this too will pass and that our future is bright.

Enjoy your families today; please say a prayer that includes all of our community and take a few moments to look around you and you will understand what the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ really means.

Happy and Blessed Easter to all.