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Our Thoughts: Great Effort
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There is an endearing, family-like quality about the people in Rockdale County. You can disagree with one another here and you can almost come to blows on any given issue, but, as in a family, those disagreements usually are forgiven and the whole family bands together to tackle the next issue.

One institution that Rockdale residents take pride in is our school system.

Ever since former Superintendent Dr. Samuel King set the base and current Superintendent Richard Autry has used his skills to fine -tune it, the public school system in Rockdale County has continued to be one of the best in the state.

Last Tuesday, many members of the community turned out to the crown jewel of the school system, the Rockdale Career Academy

At that meeting, community members heard a glowing report from the AdvancED accreditation evaluation team. Ms. Rosetta Riddle, the associate lead evaluator, then announced that this commission, with members from Georgia, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina, had recommended that the Rockdale County Public School System be reaccredited – in itself a major accomplishment.

We are proud of our administration and teachers and parents for helping our schools earn this achievement.

We are even more proud of our community, whose residents have the pride and determination to ensure that our school system remains second to none.

Rockdale County is without a doubt a great place to live, work and play. Our accredited, superb school system proves that in every way.