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Our thoughts: Go out and vote
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This year promises to be a very important one for the voters of our country and county.

This past week a Republican presidential candidate made a brief visit nearby as he traveled the state rallying support for this Tuesday's primary vote.

This Tuesday, voters will have a say in which presidential candidate to send to November's general election.

Plus, folks in the county and city will be able to vote on whether to allow Sunday alcohol package sales.

Voter registration for the March 6 primary has passed, but if you are not registered to vote, you can still register for the local primaries and non-partisan races on July 31. This vote may be one of the most crucial for the direction of the local courts and school boards. The TSPLOST, the regional penny sales tax, is also on the ballot for July 31.

You can register at the local library, at the post office, or when you get a driver's license. Or just drop by the Board of Elections office, located at 1400 Parker Road, Lobby C. Or call (770) 278-7333 and ask them to send you a registration form.

One of our most precious rights is the ability to have the freedom to cast a ballot for whomever we wish. By voting you keep this freedom alive.

Vote for change or keep things as they are - that's your choice. But please choose to exercise that right.