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Our thoughts: Founding Fathers
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Our founding fathers were also some of the leading business people of their day. When they helped form our government, they did it with the intent to have limited government and a limited tax to help support that government.

Over our 235 years of existence, our government, on both the national and local level, has grown to the point that it does not resemble our founders' original intent at all.

We believe that any government entity should be required to run like a business - a business maybe like yours that has to make decisions everyday and be willing to adjust by either cutting expenses or by doing with less people. Neither of those decisions are easy tasks for a business owner to perform, but they do make these tough decisions and they do survive.

It is because of that reasoning that we are we are disappointed in the leaders of our some of our local government agencies in Conyers, Rockdale County.

Last year the county commissioners raised their mileage rate and recently voted to raise it again. The Board of Education raised its mileage rate for the second time in two years.

One of all the agencies we thought would have toed the line during this economic depression is the city of Conyers, and their reasoning made less sense than all the others. The majority of that council just didn't want the finances to dip below their expectations, so you the tax payer are going to pay the price.

We are not going to say that there never should be a time that taxes should be raised. But for sure it's not now and for sure our elected officials of all three government entities can be expected do their jobs, have some courage and cut some expenses, even if it hurts, in order for taxes not to be raised in the future in our city and our county.

If there is a refusal to that, the voting tax payers should take a hard look at the people running in the next election cycle.

We were taken to task by one of the local leaders for making this statement before.

All we ask is that our elected officials remember "who brought them to the dance" in the first place and vote for their constituents interests first the next time around.