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Our thoughts: For the Boys and Girls
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"For me and my child the Club is a life saver. I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for the Club. It's a blessing for my family." - Parent of a Barksdale Boys and Girls Club member

There is no doubt that that Conyers-Rockdale is a unique caring community. There is a particular pride in how they care and plan for the youth of the community.

One of the cornerstones of that care has been the A.R. Gus Barksdale Boys and Girls Club.

The club, which is located at 1015 O'Kelly Street, was started in 1977 and at that time served 200 kids. Today this beehive of energy serves over 950 of our children.

The Boys and Girls club provides education and recreation services for many of our children who have nowhere to go after school. The club staff which is well trained helps teach the kids principals of leadership and responsibility as well as keep them accountable in their studies.

Though there is a cost to enroll in some of these programs, if a family cannot afford it, there are scholarships and none are turned away because of lack of money.

Many of you have supported the club in some magnificent ways over the last 34 years.

We know you will again. On Saturday May 21 at the Georgia International Horse Park, the board of directors of the club, many who are your neighbors, will present this year's Super Saturday Night, a Casino night devoted to fun and games.

There will also be great food and drinks available. You can buy your tickets online; they are only $35 at or call 404-527-7687.

You can even contact our publisher, who was a member of the Boys and Girls Club back when the dinosaurs still roamed, at for more information or tickets.

The success of our youth depends on us. You can insure that this mission is accomplished by supporting the A.R. Barksdale Boys and Girls Club.