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Our thoughts: Father Luke
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Last week we ran a story celebrating the life of Father Luke one of the founding members of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

Father Luke is celebrating his 100th birthday, certainly a major milestone.

We are fortunate to have the monastery in our area. The tourism and those seeking a peaceful respite have helped the local economy, especially during these tough times.

The most important blessing we have is having the Trappist monks here, starting with the first group of 20 who arrived from arrived from Kentucky in 1944. Every day we are sure our community is included in the special prayers and meditation that the monks practice.

As for Father Luke, his outlook on life is as positive as positive can be, and he has a plan to be around for many more years to come. He recently said, "I may be 100. But there's two zeros. I don't want them to mean anything. So I will be one year old next year. I dropped the zeros."
Great thoughts, Father Luke.