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Our thoughts: Election board
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At first when the issues with the election board first popped up, it caused us to just shake our heads. Soon, the shenanigans started to get old and started to become downright embarrassing for the residents of the county.

There is no excuse for grown adults who have been hand-picked by both political parties to act in such a non-productive childish manner. If you cut through all the legalese during the meeting, which is being aired on Channel 23 at 6:30 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., a lot of it boils down to tit-for-tat, "he/she started it."

This group has brought shame on not only our county but themselves.

This latest move of our local state representatives to get involved without the knowledge of the local board or elections supervisor threw gasoline onto the fire of mistrust.

Our election problems should and can be worked out locally. It should also be handled in a transparent way for everybody involved.

The best thing as far as we are concerned is that the current members of the board out of their concern for the community offer their resignations and the two parties - thoughtfully this time and not politically - select some independent thinkers and doers to this board who put the interests of the residents first.

The voters of Rockdale County deserve no less.