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Our thoughts: Dont be a butt
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In times of average rainfall, throwing a cigarette butt out the car window would be considered in poor taste as it shows a general disregard for the aesthetics of the community, but in the dry times we've been experiencing that's a dangerous and inexcusable action.

It's bad enough that many drivers show a general lack of class and concern for their neighbors by throwing trash out of their car windows, but doing so in this climate shows a complete lack of brains.

Just a spark from a match or a cigarette could cause part of our community to go up in flames, just like the terrible fires in Colorado.

If you don't believe us, look at the charred remains caused by brush fires along Irwin Bridge Road, or the propane tank that exploded last weekend (see page 3).

If you need to smoke, that's your business, but it becomes everybody's business when you don't carefully distinguish or destroy the remains of your cigarette. Please dispose of cigarettes the proper way and keep Rockdale County safe and beautiful.