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Our Thoughts: City millage
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This week the Conyers City council voted to raise the city's millage rate.

Normally we would be running an editorial that said we were displeased with that action.

This time there are reasons why we are not.

First, we believe that the council has been proactive in past years in taking a conservative look at current and future city expenses.

Second, when budget time starts from any of our public entities, people approach us about their concerns over having their taxes raised.

As the time make a decision to raise taxes or not grows near, there are more ‘no increase’ discussions around company water coolers, civic meetings and parties.

We generally do not support tax increases, and we feel the public entity should have to cut into the bone just like local businesses are doing before raising taxes.

After a public entity like the Conyers City Council votes to increase taxes, quite frankly we hardly ever hear from anybody, including the diehards who so verbally opposed the increase.

The main reason we don’t is because people oppose having their pocketbooks raided until they realize that they might lose some of the services they enjoy. It is the same reasoning behind “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”