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Our thoughts: City Council
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In our line of business sometimes you are at odds with city or county elected officials; sometimes you are in sync with their decisions.


In Conyers we think we have a group of elected officials in consensus as much as we have seen anywhere.
They work together well, they listen to their advisers, they plan for the future and most are involved in their community

Now that doesn't mean we always agree with those plans, but we do with many. We think that the city of Conyers has positioned itself well for these tough economic times we are in.

We are particularly pleased that council recently passed a budget that included no millage increase and they have even gone the extra mile to look for cuts and savings to bank for next year's budget.

It is refreshing to have an elected city council that is fiscally conservative in thinking and planning.
To the city council, city staff we offer kudos for a job handled very well.