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Our Thoughts: Chicken Little
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Chicken Little: A confirmed pessimist, particularly one who warns of impending disaster.
~ American Heritage Dictionary

Many of us remember well the folk tale of Chicken Little, the fictional character who mistakenly believed the sky was falling and the world was ending because he overreacted to occurrences he didn't understand.

We hadn't thought of Chicken Little for years, but the imagery of a character falsely promoting gloom and doom popped up again recently as the president and his anointed appointees, along with the blinded mainstream media, have bombarded the American public around the clock with demagoguery that the very existence of our beloved country will end if the automatic cuts to the federal budget are allowed to take place on.

If our president and his advocates are to be believed, these cuts would result in starving children, the disappearance of our military, the loss of jobs for many poor federal government employees and the loss of Social Security checks for our vulnerable seniors.

Well, we believe that our own Chicken Little is taking a page from the boy who cried wolf, trying to get attention with nothing to show. He's used this technique before, but rest assured that the world is not going to end if $85 billion in cuts takes place.

The federal government should have to tighten its belt the same way every other business in this country has had to. We hope our politicians can come up with a more targeted and planned-out path of tax cuts, but if this is the first step in the process of fiscal accountability for our nation, then so be it.

We don't need a president who leads by spending his time threatening and scaring people. We need one who puts aside party lines, gets his hands dirty and works shoulder to shoulder with his constituents and fellow leaders to build confidence and solutions.

Chicken Little needs to disappear again, and this time we hope it's forever.