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Our Thoughts: Boys and Girls Club
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We note that the local Barksdale Boys and Girls Club has dismissed its director.

We are not completely sure why that happened, but we are sure of this - that local club, instead of being the Boys and Girls Club for Rockdale, could just as easy be called the Atlanta Boys and Girls Club because all hiring decisions and directions come from the Atlanta office.

We believe in the concept of the Boys and Girls Club; our publisher himself was a member as a youngster and has formerly served on many boards across the country, including this one.

Unfortunately the primary mission given to the local club's board of directors is only to raise money - much of which flows into Atlanta - and to have no say in local direction or local programming.

The Boys and Girls Club in general, including the Metro Atlanta organization, has become top heavy with well paid executives.

We would like to see control of the Rockdale Boys and Girls Club returned to local leadership. Maybe then local pride in our club will return and as a result, good, positive leadership - the kind that puts children's well-being above status-seeking - can be counted on to lead the hundreds of local children who call the Barksdale Boys and Girls Club home.