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Off to see the wizard
Wizard of Oz 3 courtesy of Frisch Marionettes

As anyone who reads this regularly can probably guess by now, I’m a fan of the Center for Puppetry Arts. Not because I love the puppets – I find them slightly creepy if we’re being honest – but because the shows are always so magnificent that you forget about the creepy puppets and just get lost in the story, which I assume is the goal. Also, my kid loves this place, and thinks the puppets are amazing works of art, so who am I to argue with him? This month they are doing another great classic – “The Wizard of Oz.” I’ll refrain from giving a synopsis, because if you’ve never seen or read it, then you obviously need to skip the puppets and go straight to the library or Netflix or both and become acquainted with the story. There’s a reason it’s been going super strong since the movie came out 74 years ago, and it’s not because it’s lame. A bonus: you can make your own Tin Man marionette while you’re there! Make sure to reserve tickets in advance because shows sell out quickly!

Prices: $16.50