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No bidders for Church in the Now
Property goes back to Evangelical Christian Credit Union
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Church in the Now's property on Iris Drive goes back to the mortgage holder Evangelical Christian Credit Union after there were no bidders on the courthouse steps during the foreclosure sale this morning.

According to attorney Frank J. Perch III, representing ECCU, the legal title of the property went to the credit union. The sale price was about $18.8 million.

Perch said he couldn't comment on what would happen to the church without speaking to his client, ECCU.

The Church in the Now will be continuing services there until May 31, said a church employee. Sunday services have been combined into one 10 a.m. service and Wendnesday night services are at 7 p.m. Both are being held in the Kids in the Now building adjacent to the main sanctuary. Plans after May 31 are undetermined.

High school graduations for all three Newton County high schools will still be held there, according to the employee.

No Rockdale County high schools will be having graduation ceremonies there.

Church in the Now’s parking lot also serves as a stop for the GRTA park and ride program. About 415 spaces are leased for riders on routes 425 and 423, which are some of the most popular routes GRTA operates.

Earlier, GRTA spokesperson William Mecke told the News that the GRTA board had authorized going into an agreement with the Evangelical Christian Credit Union should the property go into foreclosure.

"The riders won’t see any difference. We’ll still be there," said Mecke.

According to a February article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, more than 90 churches were listed for foreclosure in the metro Atlanta area between 2006 to 2010.

Church in the now experienced fast growth in the 1990s. Swilley told the AJC, "I was under the impression it was time to take it to the next level… I hate to say we overbuilt, but we did."

Swilley came out to his congregation last October and confirmed that he was gay. Attendance has since reportedly dropped to about 1000 members.