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Newly appointed elections board meets
Third member search reopened
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IN BRIEF: In the first meeting of the two new members, the elections board called for a March 6 special election on allowing Sunday alcohol package sales, to coincide with the presidential preference primary. A new search for the third, at-large member was also reopened with a deadline of Dec. 31.

Newly appointed elections board members Republican Jonny Brown and Democrat Caycie Dix and interim third member and Chairman Cary Bond met Tuesday morning to vote on the Sunday alcohol sales question for Rockdale County and city of Conyers.

Dix was voted as first vice chair and Brown was voted as second vice chair.

The two members also agreed to open a new search for the third, at large member while scheduling a meeting with Rockdale's legislative delegation before the session's start. The meeting would be open to the public.

Regarding the proposed legislation, Bond explained, "We never found out specifically what they were talking about (in the bill)... The draft is a housekeeping bill as far as the elections board is concerned."

Elections Supervisor Cynthia Welch said draft proposed legislation had already been drawn up last year to allow a bill to be introduced at the beginning of the upcoming session.

Audience questions and comments were taken throughout the meeting's proceedings. At the end of the meeting, audience member Bob Bala said, "I just wanted to compliment the board on the boringness of your meeting."

Former elections board member Lynn Brown, who was dismissed along with member Garvin Haynes, said "I wanted to congratulate the new seated board... I think this is a great start."