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New Depot brings depth to 'Rabbit Hole'
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The New Depot Players present "Rabbit Hole" March 7 - 17. Izzy, right, is played by Vanessa Outlaw and her older sister Becca Corbett, whose child died, is played by Amy LeCate. - photo by Jessica Smith

The New Depot Players are primed to display their dramatic chops in “Rabbit Hole,” a tour-de-force Pulitzer Prize-winning play written by David Leslie-Abaire and directed by Jay Tryall, opening March 7. It tells the story of the aftermath of every parent’s worst nightmare – losing a child. Do not let the dark topic scare you away. It strikes a balance with undeniable hope and humor that all is not lost after such tragedy. Besides, it’s in the skillful hands of a cast and director at the top of their game.

“After we lose someone important to us, the world does not stop turning. We still find things to smile about, laugh at, people to love on…there are some touching moments in the show,” said Tryall, “But there is also laughter, sadness, joy, and possibility.”

Fresh off “’Til Beth Do Us Part” and a Favorite Female Performance Wise Award win, Amy LeCates’ range and depth as mother, Becca Corbett, are astonishing. In a pivotal scene, when her self-protective veneer slips; the exchange with her mother, played by the phenomenal Atlanta and beyond actress Josie Lawson, is a thing of real beauty.

Actually, LeCates has a dream team to play off. Vanessa Outlaw plays Becca’s sister, Izzy, with just the right touch of vulnerability and narcissism required of a misguided man-stealer with unfortunate reproductive timing. The two shine depicting the complex world of sisters. 

Rabbit Hole’s male cast can hold their own, too. Actor, director and musician Charles Swartout, as Becca’s husband, Howie, is the perfect, grieving yin to LeCates’ yang. Finally, Devon Bradford Bacon, portraying Jason - the teenage boy whose car hits and fatally injures the Corbett’s son, Danny; and who writes a story about rabbit holes in Danny’s memory prompting a meeting – adeptly navigates deep waters in one of the last scenes when he and LeCates’ meet.

Venture out to this worthy production. Preferably, in the company of some of your complex nearest and dearest, and let the healing, understanding and hope unfold.

Coming to the stage at 910 Center St., Conyers: March 7 – 9 and 14 – 16 at 8 p.m. March 10 and 17 at 3 p.m. $20 adults, $16 Senior and Student rate. Preview Night is Wednesday, March 6 at 8 p.m. – all tickets $10. For more information, visit or call (678) 374-3224.