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New city voting districts proposed
Current districts
A few Conyers voters may find themselves in a new voting district come fall elections.

The city council recently voted to approve a revised district map which keeps the current council members in the same districts, but redraws the boundaries.

City Manager Tony Lucas said the Department of Justice requires voting districts to have variation of no more than 5 percent in the population, and that the city had changed since its last census.

"We asked the state office of reapportionment to look at our population number and gain since the 2000 Census identifying where we had growth." Some of the land in the city had not been developed when the 2000 Census occurred, he pointed out.

The state gave the city two options, and the city council approved the option that kept the districts the same. Lucas said he did not have the number of affected voters on hand, but that the number was small and would be notified by the registrar's office of their new districts.

The city will ask the state reapportionment office to do the same after the 2010 Census, said Lucas.

The council must hold another public hearing and vote on the revised districts at their next city council meeting July 1, 7 p.m. at City Hall. After the second vote, the revision will be submitted for Department of Justice approval

Mayor Randal Mills, District 1 Councilman Cleveland Stroud, and District 2, Post 1 Councilman Chris Bowen face reelection this fall.