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New 4-H coordinator returns to Rockdale

Rockdale County's Cooperative Extension office recently welcomed new 4-H coordinator Brittany Johnson.

As a sixth grader at Simms Elementary, Johnson got hooked on 4-H and knew she wanted to be a camp counselor at the Rock Eagle camp one day.

Well that day came and each year throughout her college career she was a counselor, and now as Johnson pursues her masters at the University of Georgia, she has come back to where her career path started.

Johnson, born and raised in Conyers, became the Cooperative Extension Agent with 4-H and youth in Rockdale County on Nov. 1.

"4-H was a passion of mine, and that's why I'm back here," Johnson said.

The 2005 Heritage High graduate first started participating in 4-H while in fifth grade, when she said she "wasn't really active in it."

Then in sixth grade she continued in 4-H to be with her friends, and at Rock Eagle camp discovered she enjoyed 4-H. From there she became very active in the club - participating in speaking competitions every year, working with the service activities and judging various 4-H events.

While in college at Georgia College and State for her undergraduate degree, Johnson served as a camp counselor for five summers, including three in leadership positions. Then, last summer, she served as lead counselor at Rock Eagle.

"I grew up here and grew up in the (4-H) program," Johnson said. "It definitely helped me in college with public speaking throughout college, along with leadership skills."

Johnson is now working on her masters in agricultural leadership at UGA.

With the Rockdale 4-H, Johnson plans on working to boost recruitment and retention rates at the club.

"My biggest goal is to increase membership, educating community on benefits of the program and getting more kids active and involved," Johnson said. "A lot of people don't know what 4-H is."