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Multiple guns, $1,500 in coins stolen in burglary
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CONYERS - A man has been arrested for alleged involvement in a burglary that included money and firearms.

Courtney Anderson, 17, of Sugar Vallery, Georgia was arrested Aug. 4 for a crime that occurred a month ago that resulted in the theft of several items. He's facing two counts of theft by receiving stolen property, both are felony charges.

According to the police report, on July 9, the 72-year-ol male victim reported "every gun in the (bed)room and $1,500 in gold one-dollar coins" were missing. He's wife's laptop was taken out of the couple's bedroom as well.

The seven stolen firearms included handguns, shotguns and semi-automatics.

Rockdale County Sheriff Office (RCSO) Deputy Trey Beam spoke with a neighbor of the victim. The neighbor stated she heard glass breaking "two or three times" in the residence shortly before the victim and his wife made it back to their home that evening.

The neighbor alleges she saw the suspects breaking into the house, but didn't see their face. She described two black males walking to the street from the house.

"(The neighbor) stated she had never saw the two guys before," deputy Beam wrote. "(The neighbor) stated they looked to be 17 to early 20's around 6ft tall."

Anderson is currently in Rockdale County jail. He's just one of seven people suspected of committing the crime. The other suspects include three males and four females, according to the report.