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Motorcycle ride for K-9 officers
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 Porterdale police officer Lt. Jason Cripps and his wife Holly, will host the K-9 Motorcycle Ride tomorrow in Porterdale.

The ride will raise money for police supplies - not only the officers but for their furry friends as well.

"We try to raise awareness that police dogs are important to the fight against crime as well," Holly said.

Holly said she and her husband were inspired to start the motorcycle ride to help families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

"We wanted to raise money for families who have sacrificed their loved ones," she said. "It's a hard adjustment process mentally, emotionally and financially. We wanted them to know that we were there for them."

From there, it has evolved to what it is today.

"We do different rides for different things," she continued. "We've done rides that raised money to buy supplies for the officers, such as flashlights, and have done others that are more focused on the dogs."

This ride will focus on the dogs currently serving on police forces and those that have lost their lives protecting their owners.

"We want to also raise money to buy the dogs bullet proof vests as well," Holly said.

The event will begin at the Porterdale Police Department. Any vehicle can ride in the memorial ride for a small registration fee. For more information visit the K-9 Memorial Facebook page.