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More details revealed in Hughes murder case
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More details surrounding the murder case of Jarvis Hughes were revealed during the Feb. 4 committal hearing for Paul Greene, one of three suspects allegedly involved in the fatal shooting incident.

Around 3 a.m. Dec. 30, 24-year-old Hughes was fatally shot twice in the head from a 22-caliber semi-automatic and 22-caliber revolver in his apartment at 1190 Mill Crest Walk, Conyers. Police arrested Greene, 28, Joey Jackson II, 18, and Martria Hunley, 17, a few days later on Jan. 2 and 3 for their alleged role in the incident.

Most of the evidence disclosed during the hearing was called "circumstantial" by Greene's public defense attorney, Charlie Gasner.

Upon searching the 1179 Oak Villa Court apartment where Greene was living, Conyers Police found a book bag containing Greene's belongings in the living room. The book bag also contained a white mask and two different 22-caliber handguns. The mask matches the description of testimony and the guns match the same ones used to kill 24-year-old Hughes, says Conyers Police Investigator Kristen Moore, the lead investigator on the case.

Greene told investigators at the time of his arrest that wasn't involved in the murder. He did admit to owning a 22-caliber handgun, but said he sold it a week before the murder took place and had no idea how the weapon got back into the apartment, says Moore. .

Police also found blood on the bottom of Greene's pants and shoes. Both items were sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, (GBI), for further analysis.

"We still don't have any direct evidence," said Gasner to Rockdale County Magistrate Court Judge Phinia Aten. "(It's) a lot of circumstantial (evidence)."


What did suspects say?

Statements given to police from the other two suspects in the case were also heard. According to Moore, Jackson admitted to being with Greene and Hunley on the night of the murder, but didn't admit to going to Hughes apartment.

Hunley placed all three suspects at Hughes' apartment on the night of the murder. Moore says that Hunley stated all three suspects decided to go to Hughes' apartment to purchase marijuana, but devised a plan to rob him.

Hunley stated Greene had the gun in his hand, then put Hughes in a headlock and pointed the gun to his head, according to Moore. Hunley then got scared and ran out of the apartment before she heard a gunshot. Moore says that abrasions were found around Hughes' neck.

Gasner questioned the statements given to police by Hunley since her and Jackson were supposedly involved in a romantic relationship. Moore says Hunley stated that her and Jackson were not in a relationship but would have sexual interactions sometimes.

A bloody shoeprint was discovered in the area of Hughes' apartment. The shoeprint was from a Puma brand shoe and matched the brand of shoes that Jackson was wearing when he was arrested. The shoes have been sent to the GBI for further analysis.

Hunley's private attorney was not present Wednesday, and Melinda Johnson, Jackson's public defense attorney waived his preliminary hearing. Johnson was also absent from the court room Wednesday.


Witness testimony

Four people, Hughes girlfriend and three juveniles were present in Hughes' apartment at the time of the shooting.

According to Moore, Hughes' girlfriend told police when they heard knocks on his front door, Hughes answered the door and began talking to the visitors in a "friendly-like" manner. Very quickly, she began to hear a "struggle" taking place.

She then heard Hughes yell to her to call 9-1-1, before hearing gunshots.

An 8-year-old girl was a witness to the incident. She told police she woke up to use the restroom. She saw the Hughes arguing with another male and heard the male ask Hughes, "Where was the money at," says Moore.

The little girl told police the two men starting fighting and then she heard gunshots. The other two juveniles, ages 8 and 6, did not witness the incident.

Police received statements from people who lived in Hughes' neighborhood who stated a man, who Moore identified to be Jackson, was seen arguing with Hughes.

In an unrelated case, Gasner began asking Moore questions in which a witness to another case stated they saw Jackson had been pointing guns at random people, although, Assistant District Attorney Kirk Thomas objected to that line of questioning.

"It doesn't matter if he was seen waving guns around," Thomas said. "It's not relevant."

Aten upheld his objection.

Following the questioning of Moore, Aten concluded Thomas and the state had established probable cause to accuse Greene. The trail now moves to the Rockdale County State Superior Court for trail.

Greene is being charged with two counts of possession or transfer of a firearm, aggravated assault, felony murder, murder and cruelty to children. Jackson is also being charged with murder, two counts of aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, cruelty to children and theft by receiving stolen property. Hunley is being charged with felony murder and murder.