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Miracles for Conyers pastor needing kidney transplant
Pastor Tim Walden

Pastor Tim Walden of Calvary Community Church is still waiting to have his kidney transplant but this Thanksgiving weekend he is "Giving Thanks" to God, his congregation, the Rockdale community and the donor who is giving him the kidney.

Pastor Tim has been a Type 1 diabetic since he was 5 years old and his kidneys are failing due to the diabetes. A year ago he was in need of a kidney as well as a donor. But in order for him to ensure that he can have the transplant surgery, Walden needed to have at least $2,500 readily available in the event a donor and a kidney match were found.

Calvary Community Church sponsored a church yard sale last November at the Porterdale Hotel and the proceeds of the yard sale went toward the medical expenses of their pastor, Tim Walden. All things have been made possible; the yard sale was a success and his congregation was able to exceed the $2,500 goal.

Recently, a match was even found with a donor, who wished to remain anonymous.

"He will to be able to pay for the anti-rejection drugs that are not covered by insurance. Also, a donor and a kidney are a match," exclaimed Debbie Adams.

Walden's donor has to lose 20 more pounds before the date of the surgery will be scheduled and Walden himself has been taking care of his health. The doctors are very pleased with his progress; his blood count has come up to a surprising level. He is taking very good care of himself and following the doctor's orders.

"We are so pleased how everyone pulled together and made the fund raiser a success. A big thanks to all who donated and shopped to help make our goal," said Adams. "Calvary Community's motto and mission statement is ‘To give back as God has given to us,' because Pastor Tim, who has given so much, thanks you for your help."

For more information or updates on his progress, contact Debbie Adams at (770) 310-7471 or visit or their Facebook page.