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McBrayer: Reflections on a life well-traveled
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So, here's the thing - I love riding my bike, always have. Obviously, riding a bike is good exercise for your body, but I really think it helps my mental state as well. People who know me may not agree, but that's another lesson.

As I'm riding along, I find myself having conversations with myself about various subjects. As a retired teacher I sometimes, not very often, think about doing something productive with myself, other than riding my bike and talking to myself. You know, stuff like volunteering, or learning to cook, or organizing my closets and drawers and basement... well, you get the picture. But I'm a teeny bit ADD or ADHD or whatever the term is for when you can't finish anything you start and get easily distracted. So riding my bike is usually my go-to activity, unless it's crummy weather. Then I sit and read library books, play spider solitaire, and watch TV as my husband scrolls through the millions of choices we now have ‘cause our kids gave us Apple TV and Netflix for Christmas and... whew! See what I mean? So, I thought maybe I could share some of those deep - and not so deep - thoughts with folks.

My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Eubanks, wrote on my report card that I was "quite the little author, with such an imagination!" She also wrote that "Betty is a love." Even as a third-grader I knew that was a stretch, but hey, she said it.
I want to be somewhat helpful or informative as a writer, but that might be tough ‘cause I really don't have that much to offer. Don't get me wrong. I've made it 63 years, taught school for 31 years, without being arrested even once, and raised three children, sort of. My dear departed mama once accused me of raising my kids by remote control ‘cause it seemed they spent lots of time with her when they were young, but hey, they turned out pretty darn well. Jimmy, my husband of 43 years, also had something to do with that.

So although I feel like I've accomplished some good in my life, I know there are some true skeptics in my circle of friends and relatives, who, to this very day, are truly amazed that I turned out as well as I have. And, by association, that Jimmy has done as well as he has, having been saddled with me most of his life.

So there you have Betty's first bike lesson! Just hang in there as long as you can, stay under the radar, and hope you don't fall off. But if you do, just dust yourself off and pedal on home.
More lessons to follow.... maybe.

Betty McBrayer is a retired Rockdale teacher and semi-retired fitness enthusiast.