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Mattie's Call canceled, subject found

The Mattie's Call issued Monday for missing 23-year-old Dushaun Ponder has a happy ending after Ponder was found unhurt at a MARTA station Wednesday around 4:30 p.m.

"A citizen recognized him from the Mattie's Call and led him to a MARTA police officer at the Oakland City station," said Conyers Police Lt. Jack Dunn. "He is OK. We have his family en route to get him."

Ponder, a diagnosed schizophrenic and autistic, had been missing since Saturday, May 19, and the Mattie's Call was issued Monday.

Ponder has been known to wander off in the past when he's been upset and to hitchhike to the MARTA rail lines, said Dunn.

"He just wanders. Anytime there's a disruption in his life, it can affect him in 16 different ways."

This week a family member was out of town, which disrupted Ponder's daily routines.

The last time Ponder had disappeared was in 2009.