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Manufacturer opens Conyers doors

Anthony International, an industrial glass manufacturer, held a ribbon cutting for its new building located at 709 Sigman Road, Conyers, Thursday afternoon.

Dawn Batey, vice-president of human resources for Anthony, says that the facility, which employs about 150 workers, will be a key for Anthony’s future growth.

“We’ve acquired (more) assets, so we can produce more and more to meet all of our customer’s needs and expectations,” she said.  “With the layout of this facility, our manufacturing power just got leaner and leaner which is really critical to our future growth.” 

Batey also briefly mentioned the new facility in Conyers would be getting shipments in from Italy and new products will be manufactured at this Georgia site. 

“We don’t manufacture as many products in the Georgia as we do in California,” she said. “We’re going to change that.” 

By manufacturing more in Georgia, the company will able to get products to its customers faster and it’ll balance the companies facilities, said Batey. 

Anthony moved from Morgan County into Rockdale. Its new home is the former home of Hillphoenix, the major local employer that makes grocery store refrigeration and freezer units. Anthony sells glass doors to Hillphoenix for its units, and they have the same parent company, Dover Corporation. 

Hillphoenix is now headquartered nearby on Gees Mill Road.