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Man uses camera hidden in cup to spy on stepdaughter showering

LITHONIA- A DeKalb County man was arrested recently for having inappropriate behavior with his stepdaughter. 

Barry Pyron, 31, is accused of attempting to spy on his stepdaughter as she was taking a shower, according to the incident report. He was arrested Saturday night. 

On July, 20, after the family, including the victim’s mother and two other juveniles, returned to Pyron’s residence in Lithonia, Georgia from a vacation in Mississippi, the victim’s mother went to work and left Pyron alone with the children. 

Once the victim’s mother was gone, Pyron told his stepdaughter to take a shower in the master bedroom, which is an abnormal place for her to take a shower, according to the report. 

“Prior to her taking off her clothes she noticed a (QuikTrip) cup in the bathroom. (The victim) went over to the (QuikTrip) cup and looked inside the cup, and she discovered a camera inside the cup with a hole cut out for the camera lens,” according to the report. “(The victim) did not tell her Mr. Pyron that she discovered the camera, but she turned the cup around so the camera could not record her taking a shower.”

After her shower, the victim called her mother and with an upset tone said, “Daddy’s going to jail,” according to the report. Pyron then took the phone away from the victim and told the victim’s mother “nothing” happened. 

“(The victim) said after Mr. Pyron talked to her mother on the phone, he came and talked to her and said everything will be all right if we get our stories straight,” according to the report. “If you do that, you can have anything you want.”

The victim’s mother left work early to come home. She confronted Pyron about the things her daughter told her, and Pyron vehemently denied the accusations. The victim’s mother “kept pushing” Pyron and stating that she didn’t believe him. 

Then, Pyron admitted to finding inappropriate pictures his stepdaughter on her iPad and “got curious.” He then told her he needs help. 

“(The victim’s mother) got the children and went over to her sister-in-laws residence and dropped of the two younger children but kept (the victim) in her vehicle,” according to the report. “(The victim’s mother) asked (the victim) has her stepdad ever touched her inappropriately and she said no. Then she asked her has (Pyron) ever had her touch him and she said no.”

But, the day prior, the victim told her mother that Pyron asked her if she would be comfortable showing him her breast. Then, Pyron explained to the victim what a nude beach was and asked if any male friends her age has seen her naked. 

Pyron bonded out of the Rockdale County Jail. He’s facing three charges including, enticing a child for indecent purposes, unlawful eavesdropping or surveillance and willful obstruction of law enforcement officer.