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Man threatens to kill girlfriend, children at school
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CONYERS - A man was arrested Friday for allegedly physically abusing his girlfriend and her two young children after the two had an argument nearly a month ago.

Stone Mountain resident Mason Avery, 27, is being charged with multiple crimes after he allegedly attacked his 23-year-old girlfriend in her car while her twin 5-year-old boys were in the back seat.

The incident occurred July 15 following the group leaving a department store, where they were celebrating the victim's birthday. According to the incident report, Avery became "irate" following an argument between him and his girlfriend. The topic of the argument isn't known.

The girlfriend drove Avery to her house so he could get "his car and leave to go home" after the argument, but Avery didn't leave or go home at his first opportunity.

"He snatched the keys from the car, grabbed (the victim) by the head and smashed her face into the steering wheel, and then dragged (the victim) out of the car by her hair," wrote Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputy Earl Blake.

The victim attempted to flee from Avery by running inside her house, but he ran inside also and pick up a glass vase and struck the victim in the head. He then dragged her outside to the backyard and started to bang her head against the door "causing more injury to her face and head area," according to the report.

"Mr. Avery ran to his car and retrieved a pistol and / or handgun, as (the victim) was trying to get her twin boys back in the car for safety and to try to get away," according to the report. "Mr. Avery pointed the gun to (the victim's) chest and cocked it."

Avery didn't shoot, but pushed the victim to ground and then pointed the firearm at her children as the victim was begging him to leave. He then point the firearm back to the victim.

"(He) told her that if she called the police, he would go to (the school) where her twin boys go to school, and kill them," according to the report. "Mr. Avery also threatened to follow her parents' home from work and kill them as well."

Avery left the scene before police arrived on the scene.

"(The victim) had some very visible injuries," according to the report.

Avery is currently in Rockdale County Jail facing 12 charges including, aiming a gun at another person, possession of firearm during commission of a crime, aggravated assault, battery, simple battery, fighting, cruelty to children, cruelty to animals, assault with intent to commit a crime, criminal trespass and terroristic threats.