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Man sets dad's van on fire
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A Conyers man was arrested for allegedly setting his father's van on fire Wednesday night.

John Wayne Heath, Jr., 54, is being charged with arson in the secondary degree, criminal damage to property, battery and obstructing the law.

After Heath allegedly set the van on fire, he busted out the side windows on the vehicle using a silver baseball bat. Two family members tried to extinguish the fire, but Heath allegedly attacked them every time they tried, according to statements the family members made in the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office report.

Once deputies arrived, the fire had been put out and Heath ran into the backyard of the 1543 Park Street abandon house where there is a lot of tall grass, according to the report.

Deputy Trey Beam followed Heath into the yard and found him hiding under a small tree in a thick brush of grass. According to the report, Beam gave Heath several opportunities to surrender and come out with his hands up by shouting his commands from a distance.

Heath refused to turn himself in and then began "to move deeper in to the brush to avoid being taken into custody." Beam shouted for Heath to stop moving and Health allegedly refused to comply with the deputies commands once again.

Beam then deployed a Taser into Heath's back. Another deputy came and was able to put him in custody.
Heath made one declaration upon being arrested, stating, "... I will burn that (expletive) van down when I get out."

He was then taken to the Rockdale Medical Center to treat his injuries and was then transported to the Rockdale County Jail.