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Man rescued by RCFR from fire
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Rockdale County Fire and Rescue came, well, to the rescue Monday evening after a Conyers man was trapped on a balcony in a small apartment fire.

A little after 6 p.m., RCFR received a call about a fire at the Tall Oaks Apartments off Iris Drive. 

Upon arrival, firefighters saw light smoke coming from an apartment, according to RCFR spokesperson Lt. Chris Kozikowski.

It turned out there was a small fire, likely food-related, near the kitchen.

"At that time, incident command was notified that there was a man on the back deck of the apartment where the fire was," said Kozikowski.

Firefighters came to the man's aid with a ladder to help him climb down. 

The apartment fire was extinguished. No injuries were reported.