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Man on the Street: What are you thankful for?
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Kevin Valentine

We asked, "What are you thankful for?"

You replied:

Kevin Valentine, owner of Bad Boys BBQ

I’m thankful for the business, in this tough economy. A year later, we’re still here. 


Dennis Sykes, Jr., 9

Kung-fu class, games, clothes, two dogs, nephews, and shelter.


Dennis Sykes, Sr., 52

My family. But most of all, I’m thankful for my savior Jesus Christ, who died for me and rose again.


Mark Goodrich, 17

For life being good in general. Friends and family and all the cliché things.


Carol Ennis

I’m thankful I’m able to do. Not being handicapped. When my husband was sick, I was able to take care of him. If I can help somebody, I’m going to help somebody. I just take my life one day at a time.


George Drake, Jim 'N Nick's manager

Around this time last year, I lost both my parents. So (I’m thankful for) the family that I do have.


Jeff Graham I’m thankful for not being behind in bills; I got behind the eight-ball. And I’m still healthy. You look at the big picture. The rest is pure luck.


Jan Dunn For my family and for my blessings


Rene Leverette

I’m thankful for God in my life, health, and family