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Man on the Street: Thanksgiving edition
Bonnie Gandy

We asked Rockdale residents, "What are you thankful for?" Here are a few replies:

Steve Power: “I thank God for blessing the people I love with health and happiness this year. I am also grateful for all the love and wonderful people in my life.”

Rasti Hollingsworth: “Life. In today’s society, I think most people take it for granted.”

Bonnie Gandy: “Being blessed with my little girl this year has shown me what is really important in life. I am thankful for my wonderful family and all of the love I have in my life.”

Teresa Evans: "I am especially thankful for my family - my mother and father and their health, and for my sister and brothers. I am so glad we are always there for each other."

Angela Wilkinson: “I am thankful for the precious gift of life. Life is full of ups and downs, but every morning, I thank God for allowing me to see another day. I am also very grateful for the people God placed in my life.”

Duvon Harper: "“I’m grateful for my new beginnings. I’m embracing the challenges of a new adventure, a new level of self awareness and the strengthening of family and friends’ relationships."