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Man on the Street: How do you stay warm?
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Carla Crutcher, 22, Conyers : Put on layers of clothing and drink hot chocolate

With winter settling in and more arctic blasts headed our way, we asked locals how they stayed warm when it's cold outside.


Carla Crutcher, 22, Conyers: Put on layers of clothing and drink lots of hot chocolate.

Ashton Ogletree, 21, Covington: Keep your head warm. It's all about layers.

Justin Price, 21, Covington: Wearing my NorthFace. And layer up.

"Relentless Aaron," 45, Conyers: If you work a 9-5, you don't have to worry about heat for eight hours. And you can spend another eight in coffeeshops. And if you're lucky, your budget can handle the other eight hours of heat.

Stacy Lynn, 26, Conyers by way of Alabama: Drink a cup of coffee, get under the covers, and go to sleep.

Kristen Stacey, 23, Conyers: I don't stay warm. I don't have any body fat. Below 50 degrees is too cold for me.

Sarah Moore, 23, Loganville: Coats and scarves.

Chris Stretch, 22, Warner Robbins: I enjoy the cold weather. I'm usually in shorts.