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Man on the Street: Are you ready for snow?
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Jarrid Harris

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Fire Safety Tips during Winter

Driving on ice and snow

With snow in the forecast, we asked local residents if they were ready for the winter weather.

Valarie Sewell, Conyers: I'm about as ready as I'm going to get. I ususally get a lot of firewood and the snacks I like. I don't go for the bread and milk - I go for the ice cream and the chips.

Joanie Peek, Rockdale County: Yes, I'm very ready. I was going to get groceries anyway. (When it snows) I play with my nieces in the snow.

Robert Henderson, Rockdale County: I am (ready). I would love to see some snow that's going to last. It was the first white Christmas in years and it only lasted 10 hours.

Jarrid Harris, Conyers: My wife is getting us ready for the snow. We're buying food. Bread and milk and eggs. I let her do what she needs to do. She takes care of me.

Officer Z.D. Eaton, Conyers Police Department: Ready as I'm going to be. My wife's getting us ready.

Officer Morgan, Conyers Police Department: Mainly getting groceries.