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Man caught spying; Sale goes horribly wrong
Crime Briefs - Jan 9.
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Man caught spying with video camera

A man was arrested in late December for allegedly placing a hidden camera in his girlfriend’s bathroom.

According to Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Reports, Michael Deweese Smith can be seen on downloaded footage from the camera meticulously placing the device in a flower basket inside the bathroom.

The device was discovered by the complainant’s 20-year-old daughter who noticed a green flashing light coming from the basket. She reportedly called her 16-year-old brother to help her investigate. Once the pair discovered the camera, they called their mother.

Smith has been charged with unlawful eavesdropping/surveillance.

Car amplifier sale leads to beating

A sale turned violent on Christmas Eve when a man was beaten by three men after attempting to sell a car amplifier.

Earlier in the day, the victim reportedly called an acquaintance named Lebron Harper about possibly finding a buyer for an amplifier. Harper reportedly said he knew someone who might be interested and arranged a deal.

The victim later received a call from the prospective buyer saying he was waiting outside. When the victim went outside, he was greeted by three black men who repeatedly hit and kicked him. After taking his cell phone, amp and wallet, one of the men reportedly told the victim they would kill him if he looked up as they left. The victim was able to see the men had been traveling in a white, 90s model Blazer.

According to the RCSO report, the man suffered at least a broken nose during the assault.

~ Compiled by Tyler Smith